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  • 12 Best Modern Barstools
    12 Best Modern Barstools
    We have a thing for modern style, but it has to be warm modern.  Not that super straight line, uncomfortable modern that ‘s museum-like, no siree! You’ll see this style featured throughout our stores–modern furniture that are clean-lined, but are rich in textures &amp and super comfy. Here are some...
  • Very Pretty Faux flowers
    Very Pretty Faux flowers
    Some people think faux flowers are cheesy, but due to new technology and techniques, they are no longer.  We happen to love faux flowers, but only if they are super nice.  It makes all the difference in the world–kinda like a cheap perfume vs an expensive one. We just recently...
  • Inside Avenue Featured In Veranda
    Inside Avenue Featured In Veranda
    We’re a tiny company, so whenever we get featured in a national magazine we get really excited!  It’s a big deal for us, you know… In the May issue of Veranda our Beaker white garden stool was featured in the outdoor section (if you blink you’ll miss it), so here...
  • New Arrival-Brewster Wallcoverings
    New Arrival-Brewster Wallcoverings
    We are constantly in search of wallpapers that are pretty and affordable, and we found it in Brewster.  This line is fairly large, with over 4000 patterns and color ways.   There is a large selection for kids, as well as large murals and wall decals. The prices are super reasonable too, ranging between...
  • Twelve Pretty Chevron Fabric Patterns
    Twelve Pretty Chevron Fabric Patterns
    We love chevron patterns.  It’s modern, it’s fresh, it adds a certain amount of panache to most décor.  Frequently used in fabrics, wallpapers, throw pillows and rugs, Chevron patterns is our go-to when we are looking for a young, updated look. Here are some beautiful Chevron fabric patterns you might like (click...