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  • Pretty and Inexpensive Throw Pillows
    Pretty and Inexpensive Throw Pillows
    We just picked up a new pillow line when we were at the Las Vegas market, and oh my, they are so pretty.  More importantly, they are affordable too.  The pillows are sized between 18″ square and 22″ square.  They run between $50-100.  Beautiful fabrics and down/feather inserts make them...
  • Pretty Chinoiserie Wallpapers from Thibaut
    Pretty Chinoiserie Wallpapers from Thibaut
    We have a huge weakness for pretty and colorful Chinoiserie décor.  Most  Asian décor tends to be a bit one note–lots of Buddha statues, lots of red and brown… However, Chinoiserie style can be way more fun and modern with colors and fresh designs, and no one does it better than...
  • Thibaut Wallpapers
    Thibaut Wallpapers
    One of our favorite wallpaper brands is Thibaut.  Their collections are colorful, pretty and happy.  They also have one of the best web sites we’ve ever seen.  Room scene photography is available for almost all of the patterns–and if you ever sell product for a living, you’d know what an feat...
  • 12 Best Modern Barstools
    12 Best Modern Barstools
    We have a thing for modern style, but it has to be warm modern.  Not that super straight line, uncomfortable modern that ‘s museum-like, no siree! You’ll see this style featured throughout our stores–modern furniture that are clean-lined, but are rich in textures &amp and super comfy. Here are some...
  • Very Pretty Faux flowers
    Very Pretty Faux flowers
    Some people think faux flowers are cheesy, but due to new technology and techniques, they are no longer.  We happen to love faux flowers, but only if they are super nice.  It makes all the difference in the world–kinda like a cheap perfume vs an expensive one. We just recently...