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Operating out of Macedonia, Ohio, B. Berger was purchased by Duralee Fabrics in the summer of 2012. This is a high-end designer of fabrics established in 1923 as an exclusive textile line available through architects and interior designers in North America and the UK, specially oriented to residential clients.

The company currently carries 6,000 different fabrics designs, ranging from plaids to animal skins and colorful textures. B. Berger fabrics portray a fun and vibrant lifestyle with items reminiscent of traditional artisans’ works used for drapery and upholstery of great quality.

Classic designs are also part of its collection, including American ticking stripes, Belgian linens, English country florals, Italian jacquards, and Scottish wool tartans. Thanks to its domestic and international mills, and working with top interior designers, it is also capable of offering custom designs to both residential and commercial clients. You will find here a great number of possibilities for all your projects.

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