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As part of the Robert Allen brand, Beacon Hill provide high-quality, upscale collections of finely-crafted decorative fabrics and trims for sophisticated and elegant interior design projects.

The team of designers working for this brand gets their inspiration from sources in different countries, giving a sense of international flair to their creations, maintaining always refinement as the goal.

Uniqueness and luxury are words that best describe the options that you can find in these designer collections. Products are made with top-of-the-line materials like linen, mohair, silk, and wool, using a color palette that ranges from traditional hues to more contemporary trends.

Beacon Hill Fabrics has been the number one choice of unique, perfectly-crafted products for architects and interior designers all over the world. This brand is a reference of beauty, comfort, luxury, high quality, and originality, combining original designs with fashion and art, nature and architecture. Its textiles collections are provided to assist architects and decorators in creating interesting and valued luxurious spaces with an international appeal.

All items require a two yard minimum order.

Get to know the selection we have gathered for InsideStores of Beacon Hill fabrics. If you need any information contact us.