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Lee & Emma Clarke founded the company in England in 1999, aiming to become a world leader in home decoration by offering designer fabrics at affordable prices. Clarke & Clarke designs and produces bedding, curtains, cushions, fabrics, and wallpapers. Their products are available in more than 90 countries under its two brands: Clarke & Clarke, and Studio G.

Its fabrics are made with several different high-quality materials, including cotton, silk, and velvet. The designs are geared towards home and commercial settings and are created with an ample color palette, from soft hues to bright combinations in favorite patterns like checks, florals, and stripes, ideal for any room or space.

The brand releases innovative collections twice a year, ensuring that all the trends in colors, textures, and patterns are available promptly to its customers. Some of the most popular Clarke & Clarke collections are: Amara: tribal scenes and earth tones are at the heart of the collection. Eden: uses English gardens for inspiration. Elementa: a combination of bold and whimsical patterns. Exotica: designs inspired by tropical places. Nordica and Oslo: based in Scandinavian scenery.

All Clarke & Clarke items ship direct to you from the UK.   Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

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