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Without a doubt, this is one of the world’s innovators of fabric design. Since its beginnings, G P & J Baker has acquired, created, and preserved numerous designs that can withstand the passing of time to provide decorative options for today’s taste and trends. 

The company was founded in 1884 by brothers George Percival and James Baker who purchased the Swaisland Fabric Printing Company, adding a large number of its printing blocks and pattern books dating back to the 18th century. The brand then acquired 400 block prints from the Holzach studio in Paris around 1910, and by 1920 had gathered almost 250 rare Indian printed cottons. In 1982 the brand received the Royal Warrant from the Queen of England for providing fabrics and wallcoverings to the Royal household. 

G P & J Baker’s archive keeps designs from all over the world in different subjects and materials, like clothing, church vestments, Peruvian tunics, and quilts. It also includes: Art Nouveau paintings, Chinese wallpapers, curtains, English glazed chintz prints, French toiles, Indian prints, Indonesian batiks, Italian and Turkish velvets.

Using this ample archive the designers can create some of the most valued collections, like: Magnolia, Nympheus, Oriental Bird, Peony and Blossom, and Perandor Damask. But the group of the in-house designer not only create collections for the brand but can also work along with interior decorators and architects to create unique projects, whether using the existing products in the catalog or creating new.

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