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Gastón y Daniela was born in the second half of the 19th century in the city of Bilbao. Today it is much more than a brand that is at the forefront of the high-end textile decoration market thanks to the innovative spirit, present since the first store on Tendería Street in Bilbao in 1876.

Its founders Gastón Poirier and Daniela Bolivar took the legacy of a prosperous textile store and created an innovative business that soon allowed them to be known in the city. They were the first steps of a family business that is already in the hands of the fourth generation, and that continues to look to the future with optimism every day.

Later, Elisa Poirier, daughter of Gastón and Daniela, took over the family business, who, gathering the love and enthusiasm for fabrics transmitted by her parents, adds aesthetics as the main ideology when it comes to working. The following generations will be faithful to aesthetic quality and will make it a work philosophy.

The cultural movements that revolutionized the 20th century also marked the evolution of the company. Gastón y Daniela has always been an avant-garde company that has focused on different arts to achieve a perfect result in its collections. Russian ballet, avant-garde plastic movements, artists such as Matisse, Mondrian, Pollock or contemporary art, focused on new technologies, have been and are sources of inspiration to achieve that timeless aesthetic with a strong visual impact far from transitory styles.