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Maxwell Garaway established Vancouver Quilting Ltd in 1953, intending to produce quilted fabrics for bedspreads and ski apparel. The company’s high-quality products created the basis of Maxwell Fabrics. In 1970, with the help of his daughter and son, Maxwell was able to grow the brand and converting it into a large-scale wholesale fabric distributor. Nine years later, the company developed the first stack book program under the name Maxwell Fabrics Ltd. In 2001, the company began phasing out the quilting department to expand the lines of fabrics, an to focus in creatin showrooms across Canada and the United States.

The brand started its luxury collections with Telafina, in 2009. This collection was created with high-end fabrics and innovative designs, as a result of the collaboration of the in-house group of designers. As the company grew in popularity around the world, Maxwell Fabrics initiated a line of decorative drapery hardware, as well as an international collaboration with manufacturers in the United States, to provide classic and modern designs for its fabrics.

The company is still a family-run business, now in its third generation, and continues to follow the founder’s goal of offering high-quality fabrics for all types of interior design projects, whether residential or commercial.

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