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Established in 1975, Norwall wallpapers is recognized around the world as a provider of high-quality wallcoverings backed by great designs. Its 35 lines are full of options for both classical and contemporary themes, including damasks, florals, geometric patterns, and toiles, in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors, that can perfectly fit any commercial or residential project.

The group of designers and stylists working for Norwall wallpapers travel extensively around the world, capturing new trends, ideas, moods, and textures to convey in their collections. 

Wallpapers are still preferred today as the main element in room decoration, whether a bedroom or a kitchen, a living area or a bathroom, because it easily adds style, beauty, and dimension, through its color palette and texture, creating a look that can last for many years. Norwall wallcoverings can be used to add an accent to a room, to dress up a whole area, or to create a mood in any interior. You can choose from damasks, faux textures, silk and satin patterns, stripes and mono-color wallpapers.

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