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Scalamandré is an American luxury brand founded in 1929 by Italian immigrants Franco and Flora Baranzelli. The company has always been committed to helping the interior design community by providing high-quality accessories, furniture, decorative textiles, trimmings, and wallcoverings. Over 85 years ago Franco Scalamandré started producing, in New York, silk reproduction textiles for historic properties, becoming one of the most distinguished mills for its fabrics, trimmings, and wallpapers.

Thanks to its unique heritage, Scalamandré has participated in the restoration of interiors in iconic places like Colonial Williamsburg, Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum, Mansions of Newport, Metropolitan Opera House, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Morgan Library, Radio City Music Hall, the United States Capitol, the United States Treasury, The White House, Winterthur, and Wrightsman Galleries.

In 2017, Scalamandré merged with Stark Fabric, operating its brands Boris Kroll, Colony, Grey Watkins, James Hare, Lelievre, and Old World Weavers. In addition to its traditional designs, the brand also supplies contemporary options for fabrics and wallpapers in florals and geometric patterns, specialty outdoor fabrics, and toiles. Its latest collections in fabrics are Calabria, Chinois Chic, Dorser Coast, Flora, and Tundra; in trimmings, Novanta; and in wallcovering: Arcadia, and Terra-Vinyl.

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