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Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Phillip Jeffries

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A coveted brand, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is one of the most iconic brands available in the US today. 

The Guide to Phillip Jeffries

The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Phillip Jeffries:

How is Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper Sold?

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is sold by the yard.  Usually there is a minimum of 8 -24 yards and the same additional increment.  A yard is 36 inches x 36 inches long and covers approximately 9 square feet.  The minimum quantity is dependent upon the pattern.  The bolt size is usually the minimum quantity.

Once the minimum quantity is met, a cut fee is applied on special increments.  At this time, the cut fee is $30.

How do you install Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper?

We strongly recommend using a professional installer to hang your wallpaper.  This is not a DYI project.  Using a professional will save you time and costly mistakes.

A good place to find a wallpaper installer near you is Wallcovering Installer Association.

How much is Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper?

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper ranges from $33 per square yard for the least expensive pattern to $100 per square yard for the most expensive pattern.

Where to buy Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper?

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is available through selected showrooms and online dealer.  Inside Stores is an authorized dealer for Phillip Jeffries.  We sell the complete collection.  If an item is not shown on our site, we can still get it.  Please contact us by email, chat or phone.

How to buy Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper?

The easiest way is to buy Phillip Jeffries wallpaper online.  Most patterns are in stock and ship within 24-48 hours.  You can also get swatches in order to make sure they are the right product for your project.

We hope you find this information useful.  As always, if you have any questions or we can help you in any way, please use our live chat feature during business hours, email us, or give us a call.  It would be a pleasure to assist you.

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