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Mokum Textiles

Fresh & original textiles inspired by our culture and lifestyle. Each new Mokum collection begins with the design team researching global trends and taking influence from our lifestyle and natural environment. Designed to be both enduring and beautiful, reflecting the essence of the Mokum brand. Our modern designs and constructions are suitable for our casual lifestyle and unique environmental conditions. The Mokum brand delivers style, quality and substance.

Mokum continues to bring fresh and original textiles to the market with the introduction of The Royal Menagerie collection by Catherine Martin and its own Surface collection. Both draw on world-renowned icons for inspiration: The Royal Menagerie tips its hat to Elvis Presley as depicted in the 2022 film Elvis, for which Martin designed the costumes and sets, while Surface evokes the profoundly artistic life of Georgia O’Keeffe as well as the serene interiors and solitary desert landscape of her legendary Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Highly durable and made to last, Mokum’s designs deliver style, quality and substance. Its digital tools and enhanced textile visualizations simplify the selection and specification process. With a stockpile of 2 million yards of product and delivery across the United States in just three to five days, Mokum makes everything easier.

To see the whole collection please visit the Mokum Website:

Please contact us for pricing or product information. Request a quote.

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