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Building off the inspiring artwork from his studio in New York, Hunt Slonem brings his vision to life with striking prints and stunning color combinations in his second collection with Groundworks.

One of the hallmarks of this collection for Groundworks is how the wallpaper keenly captures the nuance of Hunt’s hand – creating the illusion that each design was painted by the artist directly onto the wall. 

For Hunt Slonem, walls are the focal point of any room. “Wallpaper identifies and defines the space of a room – everything else comes secondary,” he says. This sentiment is impeccably translated with each larger than life wallpaper in the Groudworks collection. Every design is meticulously created to serve as a show-stopping element in any interior.

A trademark of Hunt’s career is his iconic animal paintings; HUTCH (below) is reintroduced in three new colors – turquoise, navy and pink – offering a fashion-forward perspective to this established design.  Also available in fabric.