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York Wallcoverings was established in 1895 in Pennsylvania. Nowadays it produces residential & commercial wallpapers and wall decals that can be found around the world. The brand’s Studio designers obtain inspiration from the York’s archive, reinterpreting designs that date from the early 19th century.

York wallpapers has embraced new printing technologies while maintaining its authenticity of style and the highest quality of productions The brand operates five different types of printing presses, from vintage to modern digital applications, producing the company’s distinctive look and feel.

York wallcoverings are sold under 20 brands, including more than 100 distinct collections of vibrant tones, striking textures, and bold designs. The company’s multidimensional patterns range from stripes and geometrics to intricate leaves and enticing abstracts with different themes such as beach, farm, and floral, as well as those made specifically for kids’ and teens’ rooms. Some of its most popular collections are: Ashford House, Carey Lind Designs, Georgetown Galleries, Ginger Tree Designs, Park Place Studio, Three Sisters Studio, and West Wind.

York wallpapers collaborates with talented and recognized designers to produce collections by Barbara Becker, Candice Olson, Ronald Redding, Stacey Garcia as well as several other high-end brands.

Experience the design & innovation that has carried York Wallcoverings through over a century of superior service & style.  The largest wallpaper manufacturer in North America.  We carry the full line of York Wallcoverings.  If you need any information contact us.