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Frank and Celia founded Kasmir Fabrics in 1963 as a family business. From their small one-room office in Hayward, California, they offered affordable fabrics to drapery retailers, focused in great customer service. Years later, Sam Kasmir took the reins of the business and expanded it to add a trims and furnishings line as well, transforming the brand from a local company to an international one serving the interior decorations market.

Kasmir collections include fabrics with traditional and contemporary designs like embroideries, floral prints, ikats, and velvets.

After more than 50 years, Kasmir Fabrics + Furnishings continues to offer architects and designers classical and trending colors, design styles and weaves for their projects. Kasmir offers fabrics, hardware and trims from the brand’s large catalog of colors, patterns, and textures, helping to gather all materials required for your unique project.

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