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Pindler & Pindler Inc. opened its first store in Los Angeles in 1947. During its first two decades, the company focused on customers throughout California, but in 1971 the brand expanded outside L.A. to open showrooms in San Francisco and Seatle. By 1984 Pindler Fabric had 18 showrooms across the United States and began collaborating with international agents to promote its fabrics in the worldwide scene. Thanks to the creativity of the Hearst Castle Collection, the brand was recognized in both the USA and Europe as one that could deliver trending fabrics to different countries.

Pindler Fabrics are made with the best materials available to offer options for all types of projects. You can find collections made with cotton, faux leather, faux silk, faux suede, linen, mohair, silk, velvet, vinyl, and wool.

For more than 70 years the company has been designing and producing unique fabrics and trims for the interior decoration market while providing professional service and great quality.

Pindler does not offer samples for any of their products.  If you need to see the fabric first, we suggest ordering one yard.  

Explore the complete collection of Pindler fabrics.  If you need any information contact us.